iScala 3.1 – the latest version of Epicor iScala system

iScala 3.1 – the latest version of Epicor iScala system

In the second quarter of 2017 Epicor launches the latest version of Epicor iScala 3.1. The new version means functional changes such as introduction of the Electronic Platform of Conformity to allow processing system data on the range and format of data  required by various state institutions. In the new version, the big emphasis was considered to modernising user interface.

New user interface (UI) will provide, among others, others, ease-of-use, easier access to key application functionality, to simplify the level of configurability, a variety of predefined color schemes.

The basic layout of the interface consists of the following elements

  • the menu structure (1) with the ability to search for system functions (2)

  • Suggestions regarding last-used functions (3)

  • Favourite user’s functions (4) organized in groups

  • Statues  panel (5) information view, such as current company, financial year of company, user, etc.

As part of move through forms (data entry screens), among others, were taking into account:

  • Data entry browser interface

  • Simplified switching between applications’ cards

  • Selections of predefined colour schemes that are assigned to a user

Epicor iScala 3.1.system was also equipped with a context menu that allows performing additional actions, which additionally streamlined navigation within the application.

The applied changes will allow users of application, in a simplified way, and so even more effective way, to work with the application.