Production Management Source System

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L-Systems MES, this is an easy to use system of MES type class (Production Carrying out System), that allows to register and file all facts regarding production orders’ carrying out. Due to use bar codes, transaction put in is fast and simplify.   

L-Systems MES allows to current work register of resources (people and machines), carrying out production orders and register of material movement. Full integration with ERP system allows for immediate transfer of registered facts to this system and by that form the level of ERP system there is access to up to date information about costs of production orders and their status. Transactions currently entry to L-Systems MES show current picture of that what is going on at production stage. Entitlements management functions allow assigned worker for operation and defined access to function material giving off to production stage.


Due to use the expanded system of users’ entitlements management, the system allows many workers to work with the system commonly in respect of their entitlements.     

Entitlements system allows each user to entry and update information that are in accordance with the given entitlements. 


Thanks to use of MES system, every entitled worker has an access to information about the queue of the production orders scheduled for her or him.


Work time of workers can be automatically divided into production orders carrying out at the same time. 


Data regarding costs, schedule or other facts linked to production orders carrying out are registered in the system currently, in real time. Due to that it enables to identify problems connected with production orders carrying out and skilling of Customer servicing, as we do have up to date information about a production order status.

Among other, MES system enables:

  • Register materials for the production order with a precision to batches

  • Register of production order operation:

– Time of start and finish operation

– Assigned worker to operation

– Operation of setting in, carrying out and operations that are not connected with production orders carrying out, e.g. cleaning 

  • Register of products coming in to be stored in warehouse

  • Closing production orders 


System can be expanded with planning functions dedicated to certain production type and certain company.


  • Analysis of orders carrying out level and identification of scheduled terms risks (feedback to ERP system will allow to receive current information about progress at production/order stage in compare to plan that enables to react on problems at real time and that also enables to start any prevent actions)

  • Fully identification of raw materials, which finished product was made of (supporting for selected raw materials in range of claim service and prevent actions)

  • Supplying with necessary information at production hall (completed information about way of production – technical drawings, documentation)

  • Work efficiency increasing by linking presence with  productivity and with work quality of subjected workers – work discipline self-increasing (every worker registering operation carried out and produced quantity will be aware that date will be addressed and compare  to quantity planned)

  • Improve of data entry correctness with using touch screens, proximity access card, code scanners

  • Stoppages registration, identification and finally the most lost uncomfortable source removing 

  • Productivity increasing (OEE index increase) by machines use level increase. OEE index (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – Overall Machines and  Equipment Effectiveness, that is the key index describing effectiveness of the installed equipment in business enterprise company. This index describing in a complex way three main areas of business activities of business enterprise company: Availability, Use Effectiveness and Quality of produce products 

  • Administrative costs reduction in way of manually data entry and data aggregation (e.g. work time card) with using touch screens, proximity access card, code scanners.

Pro quality actions:

  • Possibility of monitoring causes that made product defect and that is supported monitoring batch, serial, operators, machines (Geneaolgy and Traceability)

  • Taking prevent actions on the base of product defects discovered

  • Product defects removing, intensive quality inspection by system insisting on control actions, removing or going on monitoring of weak points