Modern ERP software

Let's start with the new IFS ERP system efficiently

L-Systems company ensures faster and better implementations thanks to the comprehensive environment and IFS implementation platform. We specialize in IFS implementations for the production, service and design industries. We develop an ERP system implementation concept free of charge, even at the initial stages of the talks. Thanks to the combination of the Scrum and Waterfall methodologies, our implementations are carried out more efficiently and in accordance with the organizational capabilities of our clients.

We use the following tools to carry out the work:

  • Service portal – for reporting IFS application malfunctions and prototype configuration or design work questions;
  • Implementation portal – to carry out some of the implementation works: building a prototype, data import;
  • Tools for communication and remote group work.

IFS Applications offers greater visibility into your business with an overview of your business processes at any time. What’s more, IFS Applications technology enables true operational flexibility and increased business value.



    • provides business flexibility, enabling to choose any actions direct;

    • easy to configure as meets our customers certain requirements; reduces required modifications range and gives easy possibilities to configure by people, who knows the process;  

    • based on current information technology standards, so there is no narrow frame technology limitation for customers;  

    • provides easy implementation and less of problems system extend and up-dating, due to component and multi-layer application architecture;    

    • probably the most friendly software  to user for  business enterprise companies that exits on the market;

    • provides company processes clearness increasing, due to unprecedented actions visualization.


IFS Applications offers complete support for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Service Management (ESM). It provides all the functionalities expected from an ERP software suite, and also offers advanced, built-in functionality that extends the use of the application to other key areas of the company’s operations. The system enables the reduction of the costs of managing the life cycle of key elements of the company’s assets and the accompanying data. It also supports the optimization of the use of stationary and mobile resources in order to reduce operating costs.

Fully built-in customer relationship management (CRM) functions and software supporting key business processes such as finance, human resources and business analytics give the customer precise insight into the company’s day-to-day business activities.


IFS Applications uses the same principles that are responsible for the success of car manufacturers, i.e. the production and assembly of components. With Service-Oriented Component Architecture (SOA), you can choose only what you need and the rest as your business grows and needs later.

IFS Applications is made up of more than 100 business components, which in turn include more than 6,000 smaller technical components. Each component has a clearly defined function and an interface optimized for it. This approach makes it possible to change and expand individual components without disturbing other parts of the system. The advantage of this approach is that only the required system components can be selected.

Further components can be added without interfering with the structure of components already in use. This allows for the expansion of the implemented system in an orderly manner, without significant interference in the system.


The IFS Applications system is a solution that is expanded along with the growth of customer requirements and the development of the company. The component architecture makes it very easy to introduce new functions, which allows customers to keep up with new needs.

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