Bar code system (Mobile Warehouse Management)

Full identification

L-Systems Bar Code MWM (Mobile Warehouse Management) this is a software that allows to operate with warehouse source processes based on portable bar code readers (PDA/PDC). 

Within this module warehouse worker can carrying out following processes: 

•  External receive

•  Give off from warehouse

•  Moving between warehouses 

•  Warehouse localization change 

•  Give off to production stage

•  Receive from production stage 

•  Inventory

•  Reporting of production operation finish, together with receiving to warehouse 


Information about necessity of certain process carry out coming from ERP system and result of those warehouse operations is sent in return to make data regarding stock taking up to date.   

In case of integration with Epicor iScala ERP system there are following functional elements of the system required:

  • Service connect platform

  • Bar-code integration – for warehouse operations

  • Manufacturing Application Integration – for operations connected with production stage

Usefulness of Service Connect Epicor functionality provides total solution stability and data bases unlike directly record to data base. 


Data about going on warehouse and production processes (carrying operations) are entered directly in a way of bar code readers. 


In order to use L-Systems’ Bar Code solution (MWM), wireless Wi-Fi network operating at the whole area of warehouse is required.

BENEFITS OF L-SYSTEMS’ Bar Code system (MWM) implementation   

Among non-doubtful benefits coming from Bar Code solution implementation are: 

  • Increasing of warehouse processes effectiveness by making time of searching for storage certain assortment or its availability shorter

  • Mistakes and errors minimalizing at receiving and giving off goods operations

  • Possibility of assess warehouse workers’ productivity

  • Forcing draws with accuracy of a batch of goods, raw material 

  • Paper documentation minimalizing or even elimination

  • Fully identification of raw materials, giving off to production stage/ pick and pack completing