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It is one of the fastest growing BI (Business Intelligence) systems in the world. This solution can function both in large corporations and small companies, because the adventure with Qlik can be started for just a few thousand zlotys. QlikView products and the parallel QlikSense product line are an easy-to-use analytical BI solution.

Thanks to the simplicity of using applications based on Qlik, the user can fully customize the data visualization to his individual needs. Built-in In-Memory technology allows for the rapid processing of large amounts of data. Both in QlikView and QlikSense, the ease of creating applications with data views and the openness to any data sources ensures the implementation and start of using the application in a very short time.


Virtually for any department that needs to analyze data and processes. The most common uses are:

• Sales analysis (sales department)

• Reporting and analysis of production processes (production execution department)

• Business analyses in the field of warehouse stocks and processes (warehouse management and supply department)

• Cost analytics (finance department)

• Management reporting (controlling department)

• Project analytics (implementation departments)

It is just as well within the framework of one created application that related data from different functional ranges can adjoin each other – all depending on the needs of a given user or company.


• Qlik Indexing Engine (QIX) – Incredibly effective solution for associative data indexing

• Memory usage and In-Memory data processing

• Intelligent analytics. Even when you do not know where to start, Qlik shows various dependencies right after starting the application

• Access to data on any mobile devices

• Any data sources combined into one coherent view

• Ease and intuitiveness of using Qlik allows for the creation of data views by the end user, not the IT department

Qlik BI – narzędzia analityczne i raportowe


• Qlik applications allows for data analysis  discovering links between them and their adaptation to the user’s conditions

• Using any selection fields and any data visualization (tables, charts, maps, …)

• Ability to drill down aggregated data to detailed data at any visualizations (f.ex. charts)

• Modern, easy-to-understand statement and charts that provide the same data from several perspectives on one screen

• The associative model of using the application provides the ability to start and continue analyses from optional visualization elements – Drill Whenever


The Qlik Business Discovery platform provides:

• Support for thousands of users and billions of records

• Automatic load balancing ensuring maximum performance even for thousands of users

• Optimized application code that takes full advantage of Intel’s most advanced 64-bit architecture

• Seamless integration of 32-bit and 64-bit data sources

• Data compression up to 90%

• Combination of in-memory function and Direct Discovery capabilities for Big Data analysis

• Support for the latest visualization models and the possibility of implementing in the cloud

• Reliability thanks to built-in failover options


The benefits that you will get after implementing the proposed solution include:

• Collect all important data from different sources in one application

• Discovering connections between data

• Ability to jointly make decisions and conduct secure collaboration in real time

• Data visualization in an understandable and modern way

• Search across all data – direct and indirect

• Use of dynamic applications, desktops and analyses

• Access, analysis and data download from mobile devices