ERP system for discrete manufacturing

Epicor Software Company is a global leader, supplying with solutions of software range for business processes in production, distribution, retail selling, hotels and service industries. The company is proud of our longer than 40-year time period of experience and more than 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries in the world. Epicor offers solutions, which enabling companies to increase productivity and increase profitability. Due to the long history of innovation, industry experts’ knowledge and passion for continuous company development, Epicor Company inspires their customers to create such a permanent advantage over their competitors. Epicor Company offers one point in responding for local, regional and global demand. More information can be found at web-site www.epicor.pl.

Complex solutions of Epicor Company are created in aim to specific needs of key industries, such as: production, distribution, retail trade and services, with using professional knowledge that enables to increase operation efficiency and obtain advantage over competitors. Over 40-year-time period of experience in supplying innovative, many time prized solutions, that means Epicor Company is a visionary, a stable partner that customer can trust right now and in the future.

Epicor ERP stands out with strict direct for planning all business enterprise company resources and managing them, as well within the range of its sites and plants, as out of them. This wide range of action is particularly essential in such areas:

  • Sales and Order (Sales Quotation/Order)
  • Financial Accountancy and Fixed Assets (GL, AP, AR i Fixed Assets)
  • Project Management (Project Management)
  • Service on and Maintenance (Service/Maintenance management)
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
  • Supplying Chain Complex Management (SCM)
  • Product Data Management, incl. Product Life Cycle  Management (PLM)
  • Lean Production Servicing (Lean Manufacturing)
  • Advanced Quality and Productivity Management (QPM)
  • Business Processes Management  (BPM)

Considering fully integrated modules and functions, such as Customers Relationships Management (CRM), Suppliers Relationships Management (SRM), Work-in-Progress File Report System (MES) as well corporation’s portals and Epicor True SOA™ architecture, Epicor Company offers unique possibilities of loses’ reduction during inner processes and increasing profitability.