L-Systems supports the control of aluminium profiles in Albatros Aluminium

L-Systems supports the control of aluminium profiles in Albatros Aluminium

Albatros Aluminum – manufacturer of aluminum profiles, has implemented the L-Systems MES solution for the reporting of execution of production orders and their planning.

The purpose of the implementation was to optimize the planning of production orders for the press and fabrication departments and to provide current information of the status of execution of production orders at each of these departments. 

The planning module takes full account of the specifics of the aluminum profiles presses, including alloy, type of aging, length, matrix  wear, etc. The reporting module allows, among others, for time reporting , material give out, label printing, ongoing tracking the status of each production unit , at the level of a defined logistics unit such as pallets, pallet parts, thrash, carton. The use of bar codes and full integration with the ERP system minimizes reporting time and eliminates any errors.  

MES L-Systems implementation has minimized the administrative support of production and significantly improved the flow of information between planning and execution.Planners are informed about the process  of “on-line” production, thus appropriate actions can be taken immediately at the time of occurrence of the demanding situations without the necessity of waiting for the end of the production order. Thanks to that, we can keep the customer service at a very high level. Better control of the production flow has also increased the efficiency of people’s work and the use of the machines. Authorization of each MES registration and constant quality control has positively influenced the returns index” – said Łukasz Kalenik – the Logistics Manager in Albatros Aluminium Sp. z o.o.