Epicor Partners meeting in Bracknell

Epicor Partners meeting in Bracknell

Company L-Systems took part in the workshops for Epicor’s partners for the EMEA region. The meeting took place in Bracknell (Epicor’s European headquarters).

A three-day workshops gathered Epicor’s partners from countries such as  Epicor’s partners from countries such as England, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Malta, Estonia and the Netherlands. The themes of the meeting included, among others, delivery value  (Value Base Solution) for end-customers, with using solutions of Epicor and ways of marketing efforts carrying out in social media.  

On the part of Epicor appeared a large team of people to support the affiliate channel in terms of salesand marketing.

The most precious experience obtained at the meeting was the exchange of experiences between partners from different countries  and culture background. There are only a few differences in the world of ERP solution suppliers.