Dedicated to ERP systems, platform B2B provides offering and ordering processes realization, as well for own sales representatives, as business partners regardless the place they are at that time (web browser access).

L-Systems Portal uses data included in ERP system but also transfer data to ERP system (offers, orders).

Within functional L-Systems Portal sales representatives will have opportunity to:

    • offer/ orders submitting
    • own offers/orders review
    • available stock taking view
    • production carrying out status review
    • expansion with additional functionality, e.g. calendar to schedule and record of commercial activities (CMR) or advertising mail to selected group of receiver

Business Partners will get:

    • up to date information, among others, about status of accounts, (invoices – paid, unpaid, overdue…)
    • up to date information, among others, about available products that are in offer for sale
    • possibility of placing an order in electronic mode and receive their confirmation.

Platform B2B has no number limit for users. When you buy it you can add more sales representatives or business partners.

Most operations on the portal are equivalent to mail notification of certain sales representative or a customer, e.g. when an order or an offer is submitting, when an order or an offer is confirming.